stephane prud'homme

In addition to several workshops and seminars per year on various topics such as public relations, strategic communication, and management, I have been a Lecturer to three Canadian universities on different topics, such as PR and Marketing Management, Strategic PR Planning, Public Affairs, Investor Relations, and PR and Marketing Basics. And I have been a full-time lecturer in Hong Kong for two years. I am now Adjunct Professor of practice with the Credibility Institute.


I have trained 1,000+ professionals in Canada, in France, in China, and in Asia; on topics such as PR Management, Integrated Communication Strategic Planning, Digital Communication & Social Media, credibility and branding, reputation management, eCommerce for SMEs, Marketing, Media Relations, Public Speaking, Crisis Management, Employee Relations, and Investor Relations.


I have been a Certified Trainer—Quebec Ministry of Employment (Canada) from 2007 to 2015.







  • Credibility Engineering
    • Building Credibility and Reputation in new markets
    • Rebuilding damaged Credibility and Reputation after crisis
  • Online Corporate Credibility
  • Credibility Engineering for Brand Building and Reputation Management
  • Credibility and Reputation Building in New Markets
  • You have to speak on your company’s behalf, be credible!!
    (Corporate spokesperson’s credibility)
  • ePR for dummies — Strategies, tactics, and ROI (Online/Digital public relations)
  • Digital PR/Inbound Marketing/Content Marketing
  • The world of Blogging and Storytelling
  • Business development in China through digital communication and eCommerce
  • eCommerce strategy for SMEs
  • Social media management for small and mid-size enterprises
  • Social media and ePR for managers and leaders, C-level executives
  • Social media strategic planning for senior professionals
  • Strategic planning for SME
  • Integrated strategy to manage a crisis through traditional PR, ePR, and social media
  • International communication and intercultural business relationship
  • Is your organization ready to manage a crisis and to communicate with its publics?
  • Integrated communication strategic planning (PR, marketing, ePR, social media,
    internal communications)
  • Global public relations management
  • How to write a press release and get it published by traditional and new media



Credibility Engineering training details available here:



PLUS!! The 1-Day Workshop on Digital PR: Everything a manager should know about Digital PR!!




Coaching, training, and lecturing could be done in English or French.



Training outlines available upon request.
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